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Welcome to Swarovski Kristallwelten

Swarovski KristallweltenNot far from Innsbruck, in Wattens, a water spouting Giant with sparkling eyes guards over a subterranean world, in which 14 Chambers of Wonder following historical models sustain dazzling crystalline artistic works.

Daniel Swarovski, who founded his crystal-cutting company in Wattens/Tyrol in 1895, had from the very outset a vision. This vision was to regard crystal not merely as a material, but as an inspiration. Over a hundred years in the family firm’s history of tradition and success have passed since then, and the fascination commanded by crystal is greater than ever. To respond to this large interest, Swarovski has created places in which crystal becomes a complete experience. Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds) opened in Wattens, the home of crystal, in 1995. Since then, this realm of fantasy has given more than eleven million visitors, customers and fans of crystal innumerous moments of wonder.

Artistic diversity

The Chambers of Wonder are home to the works of world-famous artists who have interpreted crystal in their own individual ways. Paintings, sculptures, and installations by renowned artists make each visit a sensual journey into a sparkling labyrinth blurring the boundary between dreams and reality. Above all, a spacious area around the characteristic head of the Giant offers a colorful park landscape with many installations by contemporary artists. The Giant’s park is the perfect place for a walk – or for our younger guests, it is a wonderful place to frolic and play.

Crystal Stage: Wander between different worlds

From the bright stars in the night sky to the clear light of day – the rhythms of light are the central decorative feature of the creative layout to one of the largest Swarovski shopping worlds. But setting foot on the Crystal Stage also means delving into the gleaming atmosphere of Swarovski and its product worlds: The classic products of the Swarovski brand – elegant jewelry, crystalline figurines, modern design, and accessories for stylish living; the colorful, glamorous world of SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ with its timeless yet highly contemporary jewelry collections and creations by world-renowned designers, enriched with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS; precision optics from SWAROVSKI OPTIK, a brand steeped in tradition for all those who want to see what seeing is all about. And, of course, there are the highly desired souvenirs: small gifts, timeless jewelry, and wonderful mementos. The souvenir collections are exclusive to Swarovski Innsbruck, Swarovski Wien and Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

Crystalline Interpretations Of World-Famous Architectural Works

Throughout the "Art in the Giant" program with new and exciting exhibitions, Swarovski Crystal Worlds has been reinventing itself over and over again into a forum best described as a kaleidoscope of art. Since autumn 2010, all eyes have been focused on a pair of Russian artists, the Blue Noses, who have been presenting a brand new perspective on world famous architectural works. The artistic duo satirically reinterpreted four architectural masterpieces as a series of "Home Videos". The Taj Mahal in Agra, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Empire State Building in New York and Lenin's Mausoleum in Moscow – all of these works were recreated in crystal in the Swarovski laboratory in dimensions never before seen and thus have become artistic interpretations of the original masterpieces. You have to take a closer look, from above, to discover the subtle, humorous Blue Noses home videos that are located inside these works of art.

Enjoy an unusual change of perspective!

Swarovski Innsbruck

For many years, Swarovski Innsbruck has been a sparkling attraction in the center of the old town that surrounds Innsbruck’s Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof).

Having been completely redesigned, Swarovski Innsbruck now shines brighter than ever.

As a luminous modern shopping destination and featuring centuries-old structural design, some of which dates back as far as the Gothic period, Swarovski Innsbruck is housed in one of the oldest buildings in the square, making it a successful combination of history and  forward thinking.

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