Vienna – a must visit place in Austria!


Artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s KunstHaus is on many visitors’ must-see lists. Enter from the front, though, and you’ll miss out on the cafe hidden in the garden; in summer it’s a green oasis, made more magical by the eccentricity of the surrounding architecture.

Danube Island

Danube Island runs through the middle of its namesake river, and you’ll find all sorts of places to rollerblade, cycle, swim, and canoe. It also houses a number of beaches—including naturist areas in the far northern and southern parts.

The Zoo At Schönbrunn

The grounds of the mighty Schönbrunn Palace are also home to a collection of exotic animals. Based on designs by Emperor Franz Stephan’s architect from 1751, the zoo was initially made up of 13 enclosures set around a central pavillion. Since then, the collection and enclosures have grown, and it’s still popular today.

The Stadtpark

Vienna’s first city park (opened in 1862) was designed in the style of English gardens by landscape painter Josef Selleny, and it’s littered with monuments and sculptures—the most of any park in Vienna. Inside, the Kursalon, built around the same time in the historicist style of the Italian renaissance, remains an opulent event venue.

The Vienna Woods

The Vienna Woods—located at the foothills of the Alps—have the highest elevation in Schöpf (893 meters). The forested highlands sit to the west of the city and stretch for around 45 kilometers. The good news: They’ve received protected status against the ongoing threat of urban sprawl.


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