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Vienna, Capital City of Austria - Now Or Never

Vienna -a compact and delightful city. Much of it can be explored by foot as you admire majestic buildings and stroll through pristine parks. Relax over coffee and cake, explore museums and art galleries, swing high above on the Prater Wheel and as dusk falls enjoy a glass of local wine by the 'blue' Danube.

Opulentus AustriaThe coffee house tradition in Vienna dates back 300 years. Take a break from sightseeing at one of the many wonderful Viennese coffee houses. Enjoy a coffee served on a silver platter and watch the world go by.

Select a mouth-watering cake - perhaps a Viennese speciality such as the famous chocolate Sacher Torte. Dining in Vienna is also a delight and you will find almost every type of restaurant and both traditional Austrian and international menus. You should also try some of the delectable local wines grown in the area around Vienna.

Source: http://www.austria.info/in/general-information/vienna-now-or-never-1513775.html

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