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Austria is located in the heart of Europe. It consists both impressive and beautiful Alps. This nation has greatly contributed to enrich the culture of Europe with renowned thinkers such as Ludwig Wittgensteign, Sigmund Freud and  Franz kafka .

The following are requirements which should be fulfilled in order to receive the matriculation for a foreign citizen, as regular student to pursue Study in Austria or education in Austria  universities.Austria-Student-Visa

  • A study place should be available at the universities for the desired course which they have enrolled themselves
  • The applicant student must have either high school diploma or A level  which should be equivalent Austrian Matura
  • The certification should be sufficient, for acceptance of desired course of study at a university in nation in which it was acquired.
  • If desired program of study in Austria should not be offered in home nation. If university do not exist, this proof does not required to be submitted
  • In addition, the applicant should have sufficient German knowledge. If essential, then examination must be taken.

Austria Student Visa for Indians are offered to bona fide students in order to pursue their regular studies at institutes which are recognized in Austria. This visa does offer multiple entries and this visa is valid study period as approved by  Austrian educational institution

We find Study in Austria for Indian Students is lucrative as Austria universities do differ greatly from one another both in size as well as structure.  The study programs offered at classical universities such as Graz, Vienna, Innsbruck, Linz, Klagenfurt and Salzburg does cover broad spectrum of very different academic subjects.

During the last few years, the Austrian university has introduced three tier system of degrees such as in  Europe as per Bologna process. Besides,  it has old two tier system, which is still existing in few subject areas well as universities.

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  1. I wish to travel to travel to Austria, is it essential to take Travel Insurance when I visit Austria…If yes please advise me who provides the best insurance.

  2. Is there an obligation for the applicant to get a government approved offer of employment in order to qualify for permanent residence under the Austria Skilled Worker?

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