What are the Requirements for Austria Tourist Visa

We find holders of EEA or Swiss passport holders do not require an Austria tourist visa. The Nationals from EU nations as well as  Liechtenstein or Switzerland might stay for an unlimited time.

Holders of British passport also do not require Austria Visit Visa to visit Austria. We find there is no restriction on the remaining validity of their passport, provided you leave Austria before the expiry date.

The individuals do not require visa to Austria for maximum of 90 days if all of the following conditions are met

  • EU/EEA national family memberAustria-Tourist-Visa
  • And if you have British residence card of family member of EEA national
  • And if you are travelling with or to the EU/EEA national

The Uniform Schengen Visa:

The uniform visa is also known as short stay visa for all Schengen nations

Third country nationals who desire to travel Schengen nations for the purpose of private visits, tourism or business are eligible to apply for short stay visas. This particular visa is valid for all Schengen nations.  In very special cases, visas with longer validity can be issued

The application itself does not automatically offer you the right to travel or get a visa. Visas can be issued if all necessary preconditions are met.

For citizens belonging to the US, Austria Tourist Visa is not essential for stays up to 90 days.

Given below points to be considered while apply for visa to travel to Austria

  • All who wish to travel to Austria require a passport and it should be valid for minimum 90 days following departure date from Austria. However, we strongly recommend travelling with six months validity on your passport at all times.
  • Most destination including Austria does require that they have adequate unused pages in their passport, for necessary stamps upon arrival as well as departure. It is recommended to have minimum two free pages in Visas section of their passport before any international travel. US Citizens can get extra passport pages added to their passport as fast as within 24 hours.
  • Lastly, check with your airline incase you have connecting flights overseas as part of your journey to Austria

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