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The Family Class Immigration of Austria

Austria facilitates the qualified individuals living in the country with the Austria Red White Red Card and Austria EU Blue card. The Permanent Residents and Citizens of Austria can also bring their families to Austria.

Family-Immigration-Program-to-AustriaFamily unification is also considered as the humane process, family gives emotional support to the individuals being loved ones is really good. In Austria the immigration department allows the eligible class of immigrants to apply for the visa.

Spouses, Registered partners, children are allowed through the proper immigration methods. Austria Immigration facilitates individuals with the immigration procedures, the department acts as a facilitator, processes the applicants and immigrants are supposed to enter the mainland through the streamlined procedures.

Family class immigration plays special importance and it is also part of the annual immigration plan of the country. The economic immigrants are the valuable contributors of the economy.

To apply for the family class immigration, the applicants must possess the following documents as mandatory requirement:

  • Valid passport
  • Evidence of Marriage
  • Birth certificate
  • Relationship proof of applicant and sponsor
  • Accommodation proof
  • Funds to support the family in Austria
  • Health insurance.

Anyone with intent to go ahead with the procedure must apply after consulting the immigration consultant. If not the applicant must rely on the official data available on the immigration websites.

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