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Policy & Benefits for Family Reunification to Austria

Family Reunification to AustriaAustria is also referred as mountainous nation. This nation is bordered by Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and Czech Republic. Living and Working in Austria can be fun, as it has cold winters, warm summers and adequate precipitation.

We find the Austrian Economic structure is mostly dominated by both small as well as medium enterprise.

The important industrial branches include

  • Machine & Steel industry
  • Food industries
  • Wood & Paper industry
  • Chemical & Vehicle Industry
  • Electric and Electronic industry

Family Reunification Policy In Austria

Family Reunification to Austria does permit immediate family members to immigrate to Austria, as a dependent.  The main applicant is required to be Austria RWR card holder/EU Blue card holder or should be citizen of the nation or permanent resident.

The family members who are eligible to apply include:

  • Registered partners
  • Spouses
  • Unmarried minors( which include step children as well as adoptive children)

The registered partners as well as spouses should be aged above 21 while applying .

The family members are offered which title

Red –White –Red Card Plus

Family members of

  • Third nation nationals having long term residence title in this nation
  • Holders of EU blue card or Red –White- Red card

Does obtain the residence title Red white red card plus when they meet the general requirement for offering this card.

The card offers it holders’ free access to the labour market.  As per the act, no further approvals are essential for any employed activity.

Family Members

We find family members of the Austrian national do obtain the residence title family member, provide they do meet the general requirements needed.

Dependant –Settlement Permit

Other dependents of Austrian nationals must obtain the residence title, settlement permit –dependent. If the general requirements are met and to whom the 3rd country national refers in her/his application has issued a liability declaration

General Granting Requirements Include

  • Adequate means of subsistence
  • Health insurance coverage
  • As per local standards, adequate accommodation
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