Why Choose Austria PHD ASA?

Austria-Student-VisaWhy Austria PHD ASA is a good choice?

As per the European commission, Austria has been the 3rd highest national target among the EU member states. Since  the previous decade, we find (R&D)  intensity in this nation has been progressed faster when compared to EU average.  From 2002, we also find  that, the public expenditure on Research as well as development  as a percentage has been recorded growth in Austria and eventhough it does have budgetary constraints,  it had increase during and also after recession of 2009.

Austria has been considered to be good choice for researchers at almost all stages of their careers  and it includes Austria PHD ASA` students as well.

Austria’s higher education sector does comprise of 23 public universities,18 institutions & 13 private universities which are officially considered to be Fachhocheschulen (university of Applied Sciences).

We find that,  PhD degrees are mostly delivered by public universities and the individuals are recommended to check the accreditation of private institutions in order to make sure they are awarded doctoral degrees. The Austria govt, has come up with varied student immigration policies in order to invite large number of overseas students by offering Austria APH Assistantships and Austria PhD scholarships.

PhD structure

As Austria is a signatory of the Bolgna process, the traditional degrees are being replaced by the 3 year Bachelor’s degree which again leads to Master degree (1 or 2 or years) in turn which leads to PhD, 3 year degree.

However, in the old system it is still in place in few universities and the duration of the degree program may be 4 to 5 years which again depends on the previous education and individual progress. For example, if the individual hold’s a Masters degree,  then it would be easier for the individual to do the PhD .


English is the working language of research, and we find there are number of PhDs where the individuals would be required to speak German. In that case, the individuals would be required to provide  proof of their German proficiency,  we find it to be generally a minimum of DSH II level.

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4 thoughts on “Why Choose Austria PHD ASA?

  1. To get Austria PHD Visa one must submit or must hold the below mentioned post.
    • College admission letter
    • Personal statement or essay on yourself
    • Valid passport
    • Sufficient funds
    • Photographs
    • Previous educational certificates
    • Valid IELTS and TOEFL scores to prove English language proficiency

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