What is the Validity of Austria Red White Red Card?

Austria-Red-White-Red-CardAustria has introduced a flexible new immigration scheme, the red, white, red card. It does aim to facilitate the immigration of the qualified third nation workers as well as their families with a view of permanent settlement in Austria, based on personal and labour market-related criteria.   Apply for Austria work permit or Austria work permit.

The Austria Red White Red Card is issued for six months and it entitles the holder to fixed term settlement and employment by a specified employer.

The following individuals are eligible for red, white, red card that will help them to Migrate to Austria

  • Workers who are highly qualified
  • For shortage occupation the skilled workers
  • Other key workers
  • Graduates of Australian universities and college of higher education
  • Self employed key workers

Third nation citizens can apply for Red white, a red card for key workers who are self-employed if their self-employed occupation in Australia creates macroeconomic benefits going beyond its own operational benefit.

To take up the employed occupation, the self-employer key workers can switch to a red, white, red card for highly qualified workers, other key workers or skilled workers in shortage professions. In this particular case, the respective number of required points should be achieved, and the applicant should prove a legally binding offer of employment.

We find citizen belonging to European (EEA and EFTA) member nations can live and work in Austria without a visa or Austria work permit.  But others who are interested in Austria work permit or Austria skilled work visa should contact the best visa consultants in your area. They would assist you and ensure that you would get a visa for your preferred destination. The staff are well trained they would patiently listen to all queries of the customers.

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