Is your Dream to Migrate to Austria – Apply for Austria EU Blue Card

Austria has introduced a flexible scheme for immigration, the Red White Red (RWR) card.  It aims to facilitate the immigration of the qualified third nation workers as well as their families for Austria permanent residence settlement in Austria, based on personal as well as labour market-related criteria.

RWR CardAustria-EU-Blue-Card

The RWR card is issued for a period of six months and it entitles the holder for fixed term settlement and employment by specified employer.

The following individuals are eligible for RWR card

  • Skilled workers especially in shortage occupations
  • Highly qualified workers
  • Other key workers
  • Graduates belonging to universities as well as colleges of higher education
  • Self employed key workers

Third country citizens who wish to Migrate to Austria with a high level of qualification might apply for six-month visa for the purpose of job search if they reach minimum points as per the list of the criteria.

  • Special qualification and skills
  • Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Age
  • Studies in Austria

Individuals from non-EU nations might immigrate to Austria using Austria EU Blue Card under the following conditions

  • The individuals should have completed a course of study for minimum three years
  • They should offer proof of job offer for duration of minimum one year that does correspond to highly qualified employment as well as their level of education
  • They should prove that they would earn prescribed minimum wage in their future job
  • The labour market service determines a labour market test and it has no suitable worker available for the desire job position in the Austrian labour market.

All workers who wish to apply for Austria Work Permit must show relevant experience as well as skills inorder to have the application approved.

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