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Kinds of employment

In Austria, anyone can take a job from age 15 on, respectively after later completion of compulsory school. Before completion of compulsory school, young people from age 15 on may be employed in certain cases such as an apprenticeship or practical training. Children and young people up to age 18 are covered by child and youth employment legislation. Kinds of employmentPart-time working is widespread in trade. Seasonal work is common in tourism and the hotel and catering trade in cities and tourist areas as well as agriculture and forestry. In the building trade, fixed-term employment contracts are also possible. Freelance service and work contracts are replacing conventional employment contracts in all fields of employment. The type of employment stipulated in the employment contract does not necessarily correspond to the real-life situation: e.g. a contract may state a freelance services contract, althogh the occupation is carried-out in personal dependence, meaning the employed person is bound by instruction, directions regarding working hours, place of work, etc. In this case the contract is in fact a regular employment contract and the respective rules apply. Source:http://www.migration.gv.at/en/living-and-working-in-austria/working/kinds-of-employment.html  

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