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Austria is inviting more number of skilled immigrants from foreign countries, in order to fill the positions that are availing in various sectors of Austria. Despite of recession and unemployment issues, Austria is ready to offer numerous job opportunities for the jobless, particularly for foreign immigrants. Austria is experiencing a severe shortage of skilled workforce in the nation, and hence, in order to reduce the severity of the situation and fill in the required skills in specified sectors, Austrian government is inviting foreign skilled immigrants to work in Austria. The figure required for Austria in terms of skilled workers, may rise tremendously and reach 170,000 in the next eight years. One of the governing body member stated that, births cannot make up the deficit in Austrian employment section, because even though the availing youth occupies the positions, still Austria requires immigration, the Austrian immigration department is also responding actively and positively to this requirement. The ratio of educated youth is low in Austria, and hence it is in absolute need of foreign skilled immigrants, which will help in enhancing the economic status of Austria in the near future and will facilitate in sustaining, in the competitive market. Austria is trying to bring more number of potential immigrants to the country, which will help in enhancing the economic performance of Austria. This huge requirement in Austria benefits the foreign immigrants, who have ambitions to migrate to Austria under the skilled worker visa category. For processing Austria Visa, walk-in Opulentus to get the best visa processing solutions (or) call us on 1800 – 103 – 1555. A team of Opulentus will provide entire guidelines regarding the visa processing. For recent updates on visa processing, connect with us on Face Book Follow us on: http://twitter.com/#!/Opulentuz For any queries and clarifications visit our forum: http://www.immigrationforum.opulentuz.com    

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