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Does Austria Red White Red Card help you Settle Permanently in Austria?

Austria has signed Schengen agreement in the year 1995, and it has adopted Euro in the year 1999. If interested, you can apply for a qualified Working Visa in Austria as well as get your dependents when your visa is approved. We find in Austria both insured persons as well as their dependents are entitled to benefits

  • Spouses registered partners and under few circumstances
  • Children below 18 years
  • Children below 21 in case not employed
  • Children below 26 if pursuing study
The Austria red, white, red card scheme is a flexible new immigration scheme for qualified third nation nationalAustria-Red-white-Red-Cards as well as their family’s in order to help them Settle Permanently in Austria.  To receive a red, white, red card, the applicant should gain required points (e.g., for education, professional experience, language skills, and age).

The point calculator is a service for your first orientation only. It does not constitute an application, and it does not replace the evaluation by the Austrian authorities.

Those individuals who Apply for Red White Red Card, the Austrian public employment service (AMS) would evaluate your application and document should be submitted as per the respective criteria, and would award points. This evaluation by AMS is decisive for further proceedings that would help you to migrate to Austria.

The Following Individuals are Eligible for Red, White, Red Card

  • Highly qualified workers
  • Skilled workers in shortage occupations
  • Other key workers
  • Graduates of Austrian universities as well as colleges offering higher education
  • Self-employment key workers

Skilled Worker in Shortage Profession

The points calculator test does help you estimate as to whether the individuals would achieve the minimum points for the red, white card as a skilled worker in a shortage profession.

The individuals can apply for  Austria red, white, red card as a skilled worker in shortage profession if the individual has completed professional education in a shortage profession and if they have an employer in Austria who is offering employment according to their qualification as well as remuneration in compliance with the regulations in Austria.

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