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What is the Aim of Austria EU Blue Card?

Austria has introduced flexible immigration scheme, the Red White Red card.  The main aim of this card facilitates the immigration of qualified third-country workers as well as their families with a view to offering Austria permanent resident status based on personal as well as labour market-related criteria.

The Austrian authorities issue three types of Austria Work Permit Visa. What type of permit you can or will get depends on your personal situation, your plans and on few other factors you might not be able to influence.

The individuals to carry out highly skilled employment in Austria, they should be grantedAustria-EU-Blue-Card one of the following permits.

Residence title : The Red White Red card

Residence title: The  Austria EU blue card

We find third country nationals who have completed studies lasting more than three years at an institution of tertiary education and earn a yearly salary for a job corresponding to their education that exceeds 55975 euro’s they should have access to the EU blue Card Austria.

The individual must, in general, apply for residence title and visa in their home nation before entering Austria. They need to submit their application to the competent authority in their nation and wait for the decision. In few exceptional cases, the individuals might apply in Austria and might be able to wait for the decision while present in Austria.

The individuals can also make an in-country application to prolong their residence title or change it purpose in time.

Such applications need to submitted to the regional administrative authority or magistrate. They might be able to wait for the decision while present in Austria.

The EU Blue Card Scheme is designed in such a manner to make Europe an attractive destination for professionals who do not belong to  European Union.

All EU member states except the UK, Denmark and Ireland, do participate in EU blue card scheme.

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