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Green Globe Re-certification for Seminar Hotel Retter, Styria, Austria

Green Globe announced re-certification of the four star Seminar Hotel Retter in Styria in Austria. The hotel has continuously proven it’s sustainable tourism by integrating environmentally-friendly and ethical practices into its main stream business operations and management. Hotel holds the prestigious Green Globe certification and the Austrian Environmental Seal of Quality certifications simultaneously. Opulentus Austria“Retter stands for learning and further development,” explained Ulli Retter, Owner of Seminar Hotel Retter, “We have been practicing this ‘way of doing business’ for more than 20 years. Both audits will help us to improve our day-to-day operation and continue to reduce our eco-footprint. Therefore, we will conduct the Green Globe audit review annually, and the re-evaluation of the Austrian Environmental Seal of Quality, every four years.” The property has reduced energy and water consumption by 900,000 kg CO2 emissions and 3,000,000 liters of drinking water. Organically-grown fruit around the hotel provides ecologically-balanced surroundings, and guests can enjoy healthy homemade liquors and juices. Hotel prefers local food suppliers who adhere to eco-friendly practices. The food served at the hotel is regional and certified organic. “We are extremely pleased to re-certify the Seminar Hotel Retter in Austria. I am impressed with the achievements of this family business. The Hotel Retter is an oasis of strength, built of natural local materials, and making use of natural principles to create inner and outer harmony. This property sets benchmarks for environmental efforts in the Austrian tourism industry.” Austria RWR Card and EU Blue Card – Austria help foreigners to come to Austria and settle here. Know more about Austrian immigration, mail to visa@opulentuz.com. Call 1800 103 1555.

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