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Austria eu blue cardThe non European citizen can immigrate to Austria by using the EU blue card. The Austria EU blue card is a policy of immigration. There are certain criteria for this system. Firstly the applicant must have completed a course of study of minimum three years. They applicant has the proof of his job offer validity of at least one year.  One more point is the candidate must have an annual package 58,434 Euros before tax. The last criterion is the candidate must have to meet the Austrian labor market policies. The EU-blue card is valid for two years after that the person can apply for the Red-White-Red Card plus. Application for an Austria EU blue card may either be filed by the concern person or by the Austrian embassy. The declaration of the employer should mention in the application. Person who permitted to enter Austria without visa or have a valid residence may apply in this system. Some important documents need to submit for the processing of system. A valid passport and the birth certificate are the mandatory documents along with marriage certificate, divorce certificate, certificate of registered partnership, certificate of dissociation of register partnership, certificate of family relationship, adoption papers, and certificate of health insurance. A recent photograph must be submitted for the residence title. The proof of educational qualification is also needed. The authority wants to verify the educational profile of the candidate and his university. The university must be a recognized and certified university as per the norms of the country. The skilled worker shortage is the major reason for the initiation of this system. The industrial revolution and the rapid development of the technology force the nation to bring more skilled workers to avoid the shortage of workforce. That is the reason behind the implementation of this policy.

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