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Located along the famous Danube in Lower Austria, Durnstein is famous for its wine and is one of the most visited tourist destination in Wachau region of Austria. Danube means ‘Dry Castle’ in German. It has got its name probably because of the stone castle which is situated high above the main town area.

Durnstein-Domane-Wachau-Wine-ValleyIt gained its popularity in 1019 when Richard ‘the lion heart’ was held captive in the Castle under the reign of Duke Lepold V. In 1476 it was made a town and got its recognition in 1805 when the ‘Battle of Durstein’ took place right outside the city.

The Major things, people love to see or do in Durnstein include:

  • The river cruise port which is the prime location along the Danube.
  • Durnstein Castle; remains of this castle are still standing in the town. Even though the castle is just a like a broken shell but it hardly takes anyone time to envision the entire structure.
  • Walk; it is a paradise to walk on foot. All major attractions are easily accessible. Just like Venice, you can get lost in the streets of Durstein.
  • Most important, Drink; Durnstein is known for its wines. One cannot miss a chance on trying the local wine collection.
  • Last but never the least; Eat; Apricots are prized possessions of the Wachau area and so in Durnstein. The local apricot dumpling, apricot strudel and apricot brandy are some things which will make you say “I am glad I tried them!”

Visit this wonderful town of Austria and find another side of life. The life in Durnstein is surrounded with food, wine and folklore. See you in Durnstein!!

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