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Cross border visitors boost business in Vorarlberg

Swiss and German visitors are helping to boost business at hotels and restaurants in the run-up to Xmas in Austria's most westerly province of Vorarlberg. Opulentus AustriaAccording to a recent survey 53 per cent of the guests are from the two neighnouring countries. Study organisers at Sparte Tourismus from the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce (WKV) estimate that there number of Swiss visitors at 27 per cent (Up 3 per cent on the previous year) and 26 per cent from Germany, an increase of 4 per cent. Spokesman Andrew Nussbaumer said around 60 per cent of the visitors were there for private reasons and 40 were business clients that were in most cases in the area to celebrate their Xmas parties. Nussbaumer who also owns a the "Palast Hohenems" restaurant he estinates that 70 per cent of the guests are from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He said the Swiss frank was the main reason for the boom in business with Swiss guests. He added, however, that it wasn't just the Swiss currency exchange rate. It was sending businesses across the border and also the fact that the was a high quality cuisine available in Austria and good local products and professional service. He said the fact that special Christmas values also available was an added attraction for German and Swiss visitors. Source: http://austrianindependent.com/news/Business/2012-12-14/12854/Cross_border_visitors_boost_business_in_Vorarlberg

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