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Jobs in Austria Civil engineering and building construction saw an increase of 21.8% by the end of April 2012. Till the end of April 2012, construction companies of Austria (excluding construction auxiliary trades) had total orders of about 8.6 billion Euros, as per Statistics Austria. There was a steep increase by 31.5% in civil engineering sector. Building construction orders also increased by 10.7%. This was mainly due to restructuring of enterprises linked with changes of their main activity from construction of buildings to civil engineering. The 61,584 companies in the entire civil engineering and construction industry had a turned over of a total of 21.0 billion Euros in April 2012. Employment increase in this sector was about 2.1%, i: e equivalent to 909,152 persons. Overall industrial production traded in market totaled to an amount of 17.7 billion Euros, employing 647,821 persons, a rise of 2.1%. Civil engineering and construction industry is seeing an upward trend and professionals for these sectors are in demand in Austria. If anyone interested in processing Austria Immigration or any other Austrian Visas, walk-in Opulentus to get the best visa processing solutions (or) call us 1800 – 103 – 1555 (or) visit: www.opulentuz.com

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