Austria EU Blue Card for International Professionals


Austria is the diverse country with the mixture of different cultures and societies from different corners of the world. This country is part of the European Union and welcomes some migrants through the systematic immigration procedures. Seasonal skilled migrants come to European countries to meet the labor market needs. But, the demand for skilled migrants […]

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Austria Family Reunification Visa – Partner Immigration to Austria


The Austria family reunion visa laws are laid out to treat each of the family, the same way as other. Which means if one member has been granted asylum or subsidiary protection, the other members must get it too.We find Family Reunification Visa to Austria cannot be applied by relatives of people who have ongoing […]

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Austria Red White Red Card – Best Route to Acquire Austria Permanent Residency

Austria Permanent Residency

Want to acquire Austria permanent residency? Well, read on to find information about how to settle permanently in Austria under Austria red white red card scheme.  With well developed market economy and high standard of living, Austria is ranked as one of the most beautiful countries to live in the world. Settle in Austria is […]

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Austria Immigration Statistics – an overview

The Austrian Statistics Center reported on Wednesday that on January 1, 2013, there were 8,451,860 people living in Austria. This account to 0.52 percent or 43,739 more people than at the beginning of 2012. This increase is claimed to be due to more immigration. In January, around 11.9 percent of people living in Austria were […]

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Austria Red-White-Red Card for Austrian Immigrants

Austria RWR Card (Red-White-Red Card) is new criteria based immigration system. It is aiming at a flexible immigration of experienced and skilled overseas work force and their family members who are willing to settle in Austria permanently according to labour and personal market criteria. The major requirements are language skills, work experience, qualification, age, offer […]

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Permanent Austria Immigration is possible through a Red-White-Red Card

Austria immigration government has launched an immigration scheme for permanent residence in Austria through a Red-White-Red Card. Its aim is to make possible immigration for qualified overseas workers and their family members to acquire a permanent residence in Austria, based on labour-market and personal criteria. The related rules came into force on 1 July 2011 […]

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