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austriaAustria is a country with beautiful places, ancient traditions and lots of activities that are distinct to this area. This is why it is popular with tourists who like to visit its historic cities and villages as well as hike in the magnificent Alps. When you visit Austria, make sure that you pay a visit to the top attractions in Austria and make your trip extra special. Melk Abbey Melk Abbey remains as one of the most famous monasteries of the world. It is situated on a cliff and overlooks the Danube River. Previously it was the castle of Leopold II. In 1089, it was given to the monks, and has been a place of tranquility ever since. It is an impressive example of the Baroque architecture and reflects upon the flourishing musical and liberal arts of that time. The Vienna State Opera The Vienna State Opera is a major attraction in Austria. The Vienna State Opera is a stunning piece of architecture that stands in the middle of the capital of Austria. It is one of the most celebrated opera houses of all time. While on a visit to Austria, make sure that you take in one of the most famous operas or ballets of history, offered in both classical as well as modern versions for you to choose from. Seefeld, Tyrol While on an Austria visit visa, make sure that you visit Seefeld, which is a cross-country skiing center having a terrain that is compatible to both beginners as well as intermediate skiers. Twice it has been home to the winter Olympics. It is a spectacular nature reserved perfect for warm-weather strolls as well as hiking. It also offers a relaxing resort getaway. Hohensalzburg Castle One of the top attractions in Austria is this magnificent castle in Salzburg which is one of the biggest as well as the most well-preserved medieval castles in this part of Europe. It has a strategic location at the top of Festungsberg Mountain. This is a fortress that towers over the city of Salzburg. This castle is home to the “Salzburg Bull”, which is an organ having more than two hundred pipes. As you can see, when you apply for an Austria visit visa, make sure that you have ample time to visit all these places and go through a piece of history and culture that you can take back with you.

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