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Austrian unemployment rises dramatically

There has been a nine percent rise in unemployment in Austria compared to the same month last year. Austria ImmigrationThe fragile economic development in Austrian and Europe has seen the unemployment rates drastically shoot up. There are 20,818 more unemployed people than in May last year and a grand total of 251,895 jobless individuals in Austria. There was also an additional 7,776 people in training compared to May 2012 – an increase of 11 percent. The ministry for social affairs said that that would mean there are in fact 330,309 people without jobs in Austria at the moment – that’s a 9.5 percent increase on last year. The unemployment rate, according to the Austrian definition, was of 6.7 percent in May (plus 0.5 percent). Based on the European definition, the unemployment rate in Austria was of 4.9 percent in April – the last available figures. Austria therefore has the lower unemployment rate in the European Union, followed by Germany (5.4 percent) and Luxemburg (5.6 percent). The EU average for the 27 member states is 11 percent. Despite mediocre economic development, there were more people with jobs in Austria in May. There were 26,000 extra employees at the end of May (plus 0.8 percent), for a total of 3.396 million people receiving wages in Austria. There were 3,839 less vacancies registered last month (minus 11.9 percent), for a total of 28.465 vacancies. The minister for social affairs Rudolf Hundstorfer (SPÖ) said: "The European economy suffers from hypothermia, as before, and that also has repercussion on the Austrian job market." Exporting companies are having to fight against the fall in demand – especially in the metal branch and automobile and mechanical engineering industry. The male-dominated branches of the industry thus remain the most affected. Accordingly, the unemployment figures more men have shot up 10.9 percent – that’s 13,506 new jobless males this month. The over-average rise in the number of foreigners unemployed (plus 15.9 percent, 7,892 individuals) is also due to the branches these are active in. The Austrian regions with the highest increase in the number of unemployed people were Upper-Austria (plus 15.7 percent), Carinthia (plus 14.7 percent), Burgenland (plus 12 percent) and Styria (plus 10 percent). Vorarlberg has the lowest increase in unemployment (plus 3.8 percent). In Vienna, there was a 6.1 percent increase in the number of unemployed – but also an increase of 20.3 percent in the number of people in training. There was a 7.7 percent increase in unemployment in Tirol last month, that figure reaches 8.5 percent for Lower-Austria. The increase in long-term unemployment is the main cause of concern for the Austrian employment service (AMS). Source: http://austriantimes.at/news/Business/2013-06-04/48964/Austrian_unemployment_rises_dramatically_

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