Visiting Austria? Go for an aerial view of Vienna

Opulentus AustriaVienna is the largest city of Austria and also its capital. It is Austria’s primary city, with a population of about 1.757 million, as well as its political, cultural and economic centre. The city centre of Vienna was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

The city is regarded as the ‘City of Music’ because of its musical legacy.  It is also called as ‘The City of Dreams’. The Historic centre of Vienna is rich in architectural ensembles, including gardens and Baroque castles, as well as the late-19th-century Ringstrasse lined with grand monuments, parks and buildings.

In a 2012 study of 140 world cities, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the city second for the world’s most livable cities.

Austria’s Aerial Helicopters is starting to offer Vienna sightseeing from helicopters. To offer these tours, Aerial Helicopters is joining forces with a travel company Verkehrsbüro.

Aerial Helicopters’ Managing Director, Leopold Reidinger said that people will see an amazing sight every two to three minutes during the helicopter sightseeing tour from 300 to 500 meters above Vienna.

Around 400 people enjoyed the Vienna helicopter sightseeing tours last year and this is expected to increase this year.

For the tour, visitors board the helicopter at the Stockerau Airfield. During the forty minute ride, guests fly over the Danube, to Kloserneuburg, then across the Donauinsel, then over Lobau and finally over the Riesenrad. The helicopter guests will also fly over the Danube Tower and see the Flak Towers in the Augarten.

Reidinger said that they cannot fly over the city centre as they do not have permission for that. A 20-minute quick trip costs 140 Euros per person and a 40-minute tour will cost 280 Euros.

The Verkehrsbüro’s Martin Bachlehner said that it will remain a niche market, but a very interesting one.

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