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Austria Visitor Visa to visit tourist attractions in Austria

Austria is attracting the plenty of travelers with historical monuments, fashion metropolis cities and renaissance beauty. Austria Tourist Visa is helpful for the individuals want to visit Austria for different purposes. Some of them want to visit Austria in order to meet their relatives or friends, and some want to visit for medical treatments. This visa helps individuals to visit famous attractions in the country. This visa allowed individuals to stay for a shorter time, and it does not allow individuals to carry out business activities.

 Requirements to apply for the Austria Visitor Visa:

 Following are the requirements for the individuals who want to apply for the Austria Visitor Visa.

  •  The applicant has to submit original passport, which contains, at least 6  month of validity, and at least one empty page.
  • 2 pass port size photographs
  • A copy of national passport
  • Bank Statement.
  •  Confirmation letter from the travel health insurance with coverage details.
  • Letter from the current employer
  • Candidate has to submit the Visa application form filled out in detail and signed by the applicant.
  • Proof of Hotel reservations in Austria.
  • Visa fees for applying Austria visa.
  • If, an applicant wants to visit their relatives in Australia, they should submit a copy of invitation letter from their relatives.
  • Applicant should show the significant assets in the home country.
  • The holder of Austria Visit Visa can stay up to 3 months to 6 months, but it does not allow individuals to work and study.

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