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Austria is one of the beautiful places to work and reside. The nations offers high standard of life to the immigrants of the nation.

The Austrian Red and White Card has been introduced so as to help immigrant workers of the eligible third country workers and their families to settle permanently in Austria depending on the individual and the criteria related to labor market.

The Red-White-Red Card, which is given for duration of one year, allows the card holders to settle and get employed with particular employers.

Know about Austrian Red-White-Red Card through Opulentus

  • Candidates who have accomplished a visa to Austria will be given a residency permit valid for 6 months either to seek work or Job.
  • Following  the acquirement of a job, Red-White-Red Card will be issued for a duration of  one year
  • Holders of a Austrian Red-White-Red Card will be provided the facility to take one’ spouse and children less than 18 years along with them for permanent settlement in Austria
  • One’s spouse  can also get a Austrian Red and White Card upon fulfilling certain requirements
  • After staying in the country for five years, an individual can get permanent residency followed by citizenship.

Mentioned below are the persons qualified for a Red-White-Red Card

  • Workers with very high qualification
  • Skilled worker
  • Other important workers
  • Graduates of higher educational colleges and Austrian universities
  • Employers, who are self employed

Criteria for Red and White Card 

  • Individuals aiming to acquire a Red-White-Red Card are expected to have managerial skills along with the commitment to work and reside in Austria
  • Required to have the skills in those areas ,where there is no talent available locally
  • Must have  appropriate qualification and degree
  • It is essential to have knowledge in German language

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