Opulentus assistance in obtaining Austria Red White Red Card

With around 8.3 million individuals, Austria is an extraordinary spot for abroad nationals who wish to relocate abroad. Also known as the Republic of Austria, the nation is situated in Central Europe. German is the official language of the nation alongside with different languages, for example, Slovene, Croatian and Hungarian.

Working prospects in Austria

The economy of Austria is continuously growing with quick development of key sectors. In order to meet the skill shortages, Austria needs to bait more skilled professionals who can help for developing the economy. With the aim to empower qualified professionals, the nation has outlined a new immigration program entitled as Austria Red White Red card, which permits third-nation workers and their families to settle forever in Austria.

Who is eligible for Austria Red White Red Card?

Austria Red White Red Card is issued for a period of a year and permits the applicant to settle in the nation and employed by a particular employer. The following people can apply for Austria Red White Red Card:

  • Very qualified workers
  • Skilled workers in shortage professions
  • Certain graduates
  • Self-employed key workers

Requirements of Austria Red White Red Card

The eligibility criteria of Austria Red White Red Card differ based on the category from which you are from. For example, third-country citizens with a high level of qualification, then you can apply for a six-month visa for the purpose of seeking a job provided they must secure minimum 70 points under Austria Red White Red Card Point calculator.

Under Austria Red White Red Card Point calculator, points will be given depending on certain factors such as:

  • Certain qualifications and skills
  • Work experience
  • Language proficiency
  • Age criteria
  • Austrian studies

In addition to qualifying point base system, individuals who wish to move to Austria must satisfy certain criteria such as:

  • Enough funds to meet the expenses during their stay in the country
  • Arranged accommodation
  • Health insurance coverage

Hence, if you are applying for Austria Red White Red Card, you can seek support from Opulentus, which is the world’s best immigration consultancy. Therefore, it is important to seek assistance from Opulentus to immigrate to Austria easily.

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