migrate to Austria under Austria Red White Red card

Are You Eligible To Get Austria Red White Red Card?

migrate to Austria under Austria Red White Red cardThe new scheme of immigration has been introduced in Austria, the name of the scheme is Austria Red White Red Card Scheme.  The main aim of this scheme, is to facilitate the process of immigration of varied 3rd nation workers, who are qualified and their families who wish to Migrate to Austria.

The above cards are issued for 6 month period and it entitles the Austria work visa  holder  to have settlement fixed term as well as employment through specified employer.

The Following Individuals Are Eligible To Get Red White Red Card

  • For shortage occupations, skilled workers
  • High qualified workers
  • Key workers, other
  • Key workers who are self employed
  • Graduates belonging to Austrian Universities as well as colleges

The 3rd nation, nationals are neither Swiss citizens nor EEA citizens. In case if they intend to Settle in Austria or reside for a period for more than 6 months then they need residence title.

For stays up to 6 months, then no residence title must be granted. Instead the visa should be applied if essential.

Austria Skilled Worker Visa

The shortage of occupations are made widely known for each year as there is regulation issued by the Federal Minister for labour after having consultation with Federal Minister for Economics.   As to which occupation are referred as shortage occupation does depend  on development of labour market of Austria.

Eligibility Criteria for Austria Skilled Work Visa

  • Age
  • Work Experience
  • Language ability
  • Education qualification

Red White Red Card Plus

The skilled workers for shortage occupation who already hold the red white red card can apply for  the above card.  The holder of the above gets fix term settlement and also are able to have unlimited access to labour market.

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  1. I do not fall into the group of “Very highly qualified workers” – however, is it still possible for me to receive a Job seeker Visa?

  2. I am planning to study in Austria but can I go to Austria along my spouse? Can an international student carry dependent’s along or not? Can anybody assist me with this question?

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