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Austria Red-White-Red Card for Austrian Immigrants

Austria RWR Card (Red-White-Red Card) is new criteria based immigration system. It is aiming at a flexible immigration of experienced and skilled overseas work force and their family members who are willing to settle in Austria permanently according to labour and personal market criteria. The Austria Immigrationmajor requirements are language skills, work experience, qualification, age, offer of employment according to the minimum remuneration and qualification. Austria Red-White-Red Card is an excellent choice for foreigners, and permits them to qualify or get eligible under point base system, to seek employment in Austria. A 6 months residence permit is given to the Successful Skilled Jobseekers in Austria and start their Job. The card is given for 12 months after searching and finding a Job that is matching your qualifications. This also permits you to take spouse and children who are below 18 with you. The spouse can acquire a RWR card Plus and take a chance to work in Austria. RWR card plus with full labor market access can be issued after finishing at least 10 months with the present employer. After a 5 year Residence Status, a Permanent Residency can be acquired and eventually leading to Citizenship. To get eligible for this visa, the candidate who is applying should pass criteria related to education, age, language skills and experience. Minimum points must be scored to get eligible under point system for Austria Red-White-Red Card. To know your eligibility contact us at 1800 103 1555.

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