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Austria has started criteria based immigration or scoring based migration for skilled workers willing to relocate to the country. A Red-White-Red card would be issued to the foreign workers meeting the criteria set by the embassy.  Permits will be granted on the basis of qualification, employment experience, age and, language.  Requirement by the Austria job market is a major deciding factor for the grant of this visa.  RWR Card is a very transparent system by the Austrian embassy and allows interested workers from other countries to know about their eligibility and the conditions to migrant to Austria. Opulentus AustriaTypes of workers to qualify for Red-White-Red Card are: Highly Qualified Workers: High qualified migrants can come to Austria for 6 months, without a job offer. They can find work as per their qualification, Work skills, language, and age.  These foreign workers are an important potential for Austrian economy. On receipt of a satisfactory job, they are issued a Red-White-Red Card. Skilled Workers for Occupations with Lack of Manpower: Professionals with an employment offer in an industry with lack of manpower will receive Red-White-Red Card as per their qualification, relevant work experience, language skills and age.  Recruited employees should receive the national minimum wage as per Austrian laws and regulations. Undersubscribed job list is published each year for the following calendar year. Other Key Workers: Key workers from diverse fields with the below requirements can also avail this card.

  • Employment offer
  • Relevant qualification
  • Relevant Work experience
Self Employed Workers: Workers who will be investing in a sector which will benefit Austria’s economy will be issued a Red-White-Red card. New business should add or safeguard jobs in that particular sector. Graduates: Foreign students, who should have full or minimum passed the final part of course in a diploma or a Master's degree in Austria can, remain a further 6 months for search of job. Embark on your journey to Austria now. Fill this simple and FREE Evaluation Form or solve your queries just by dialing 1800 103 1555. Get in touch with us at Facebook or visit Opulentus for more information.

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