Temporary workers can acquire vocational qualification

Metal workers, chefs, carpenters, trained retail salespeople, IT technicians and builders, these are professions where it is possible to acquire a vocational qualification which will provide more credentials to the workers.. Adult education centres (Volkshochschule) in Burgenland are conducting the project for the help of the workers. The temporary worker has welcomed this project and stated that they will take the best advantage of this opportunity. They said that armed with a vocational certificate can help them in a big way to protect their present job.

The offer is free for participants and is subsidized by EU funds. There have been 47 cases where initial advice was given, of which 24 people will take part in workshops. The first performance examinations will be conducted at the beginning of April. The program has created a very good enthusiasm among the workers and more and more workers are planning to utilize this opportunity.

The vocational qualification is considered to give the participants new perspectives. They can look for better employment opportunity, once they complete the training. With additional qualification they may be entitled for higher wages also. Another advantage is the protection of the profession.

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