ÖVP Lower Austria start election campaign

The Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) of Lower Austria officially started the election campaign with a major event in Multiversum in Schwechat yesterday evening (Thurs).

Opulentus AustriaGovernor or Lower Austria and top candidate Erwin Pröll demands clarity in the country. His new favourite opponent is Frank Stronach.

According to ÖVP, 4,000 fans came to the event. 349 ÖVP candidates for the election of the state parliament were introduced.

The focus was, however, on Governor Erwin Pröll. He has been top candidate of ÖVP Lower Austria five times. Mr Pröll appealed to his followers to fight for an absolute majority: “In unsettled times like these, my dear friends, there is only one answer: clarity, clarity and again, clarity”, said the top candidate.

Mr Pröll spoke little about other parties such as the SPÖ. The centre of his speech was the billionaire Frank Stronach. In his opinion, Mr Stronach only wants to be a candidate, but he does not want to work for Lower Austria.

The Governor criticised Mr Stronach’s announcement that he will not to enter the state parliament, although being the top candidate of the party Team Stronach.

He apparently called Lower Austria a “dictatorship” and “absolute mess”. Mr Pröll said that this was not acceptable for the people of Lower Austria who have been working hard since the Russian occupation.

Frank Stronach seems to be an opponent for the ÖVP who could threaten their abosolute majority. The party will mobilise the election campaign by picturing him as “the main enemy”.

Mr Pröll’s speech was rewarded by standing ovations and a long applause from the audience.



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