Lithuania and Austria to introduce a new model of tourism in Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ Presentation of European Union’s twinning-project ” Building of capacity of the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Azerbaijan” has been held in Baku today.

Austria ImmigartionCulture & Tourism Minister Abulfaz Garayev says that after 11 years of successful development of tourism in the country, it is time to apply new models of the tourism industry for its integration into the world tourism.

“Twinning-project will be another step in the development of tourism,” Garayev said.

In turn, the EU ambassador to Azerbaijan Roland Kobia said that the project will eliminate the difference in the quality of tourism services in Azerbaijan and the EU.

“It will also provide additional value added to Azerbaijan,” Kobia said.

The Lithuanian State Department of Tourism and the Federal Agency for the Supply of Austria will implement a 15-month project with a budget of €900,000. The project consists of four components: the increase of Azerbaijan’s position on an index of competitive travel and tourism (the country is currently on the 78th place), provision of a more positive assessment of the tourism industry on the part of the Department of Tourism, attraction of new state and private investments, ensuring of the flow of tourists and tourism revenues.


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