Austria Red White Red Card

Austria Red White Red Card Enables Austria Immigration

Austria Red White Red CardWilling to Migrate to Austria? Well, this article gives you the brief outline of Austria Immigration process and its procedure. Austria Red White red card is the eminent way to migrate to Austria. The country welcomes number of overseas nationals to come to Austria by offering excellent career opportunities.

Austria Red White Red card:

Austria has introduced a liberal Austria Immigration program called as Austria Red White Red card. The main idea behind the introduction of this new scheme is to ease the Austria Immigration process for migrants or overseas employees and their relatives, who desire to settle in Austria. Austria Red White Red card is a solitary permit for working and residing in Austria permanently. The related rules and regulations for Austria Red White Red card came into effect from 1 July 2011.

Eligibility for a Red-White-Red Card:

Austria Red White red card is granted for a period of 12 months or 1 year and enables the card holder to fixed-term agreement and job by a specific employer. The following are the persons eligible for Austria Red White red card.

  • Extremely skilled employees
  • Expert employees in shortage professions
  • Additional key employees
  • Graduates or students of Austrian colleges or universities of higher education
  • Self-employed key employees

Austria immigration process:

Overseas nationals who fulfill the necessary requirements and eligibility criteria can apply for Austria Red-White-Red Card by filling the application form carefully with all the proper details. Austria Red-White-Red Card processing time is subjected to change and frequently it depends on the applicants’ profile.

Austria immigration points calculator:

Austria immigration under Austria RWR card is a point based scheme, where an applicant’s need to score minimum pass points to migrate to Austria. The points will be granted depending on the aspects such as age, work experience, language skills, employment offer and qualification. Extremely skilled employees needs 70 points, expert employees in shortage professions and additional key employees needs 50 points and no points are required for graduates or students of Austrian colleges or universities of higher education and self-employed key employees.

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