Austria Red White Red Card, a Flexible Immigration Model

Do you aspire to have a bright future  and are in search for excellent career option? And if your answer is yes, then immigrating abroad would definitely help you to fulfill your career prospects. Most individuals, especially those belonging to developed nations usually prefer to migrate to Austria  in search of better career opportunities. Immigration to abroad in search of employment entitles the people to experience an high standard of life as well as wonderful future.

Austria is also referred as the land of opportunities. Each year, number of individuals aspires to migrate to Austria for better employment opportunities. Austria Immigration is based on a points system.

The Austria red white red card is a point based system, where an individual should secure minimum points in order to Migrate to Austria.

Below is the eligible category for Austria immigration

  • Skilled employees who are engage in scarcity professions.
  • Employees who are extremely skilled
  • Other key employees
  • Key employees who are self employed
  • Student graduates, belonging to Austrian universities and colleges pursuing higher education

Austria has introduced Red white red card which is also referred as a flexible new immigration model.  This card is offered to qualified third country workers and also extended to their family member. It is a new single permit for working as well as Settle in Austria

Numerous countries are always in search for eligible immigrants who are skilled and who are willing to come to their nation and help them boost their nation’s economy.  As many nations are facing the problem of skill shortage, they try to introduce varied scheme which helps them target the skilled employees and provide entry without undergoing tedious processes. Few of the major countries which offer excellent career opportunities are Austria, Canada, Australia,  Denmark and Hong Kong.

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