Austria EU Blue Card

Austria EU Blue Card allows highly skilled professionals to come and work in Australia. It has two features one is it gives resident permit, and the other one is the work permit. The holder of the EU blue card can enjoy the opportunity to stay and work in the beautiful country. The card is validity for two years.

Austria EU Blue CardIf the applicant meets the requirement of Austria immigration government, the person will be given a blue card. The requirements include work and education credentials, and others which must be provided to prove that the applicant has the ability to work for the occupation.

The blue card holder has an opportunity to have the benefit of certain privileges as mentioned below:

  • The EU blue card holder can apply for a RWR Austria card. It is possible only after a stay of 21 months with a EU blue card
  • Have a chance to get family members to Austria
  • Can take a chance to utilize all labor market acts
  • Can apply for an Austria Permanent Residence
  • The added advantage is after 24 months stay with the card the person can move to other country, which is under the blue card agreement

The blue card gives an opportunity for an individual to immigrate Austria successfully. So it is required to take a chance for Austria migration through this card. The available options for the card holder are really beneficial and give satisfaction during the stay. As there are further chances to apply for PR, the applicant can opt for the initial stay and extend it for permanent stay using a blue card.

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