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Austria-EU-Blue-CardWhen compared to other EU nations. Austria is known to have one of  the richest and most developed national economies. We do find more than 300 international companies using Austria as base for their European production or European headquarters. Are you interested in Austria Immigration? Contact visa professionals.

Austria also has economic prosperity and it has well developed  health care system. The internationally renowned education system does have stability and security.  Austria also offers its inhabitants a particular higher standard of living. The Vienna is the capital city, it has been repeatedly ranked as the city which offers highest quality of life in the world as per the Mercer Quality of life index.

Individuals from non EU nation can migrate to Austria using Austria EU Blue Card as per the following conditions

  • Completed course of study whose duration is minimum 3 years
  • Present proof of job offer for the duration of minimum one year which corresponds to highly qualified employment and their level of education.
  • They should prove that they would earn minimum wage prescribed in their future job.
  • The labour market service does determine part of a labour market test that no suitable workers are available for the desired job in the Austrian labour market.
  • The EU blue can be offered for 24 months, then it is possible to apply for Red white red card plus.

Austria EU blue card

This type of residence as well as work permit does allow the highly qualified non EU citizens to both  live as well as work in Austria for 2 yrs or less.

Only those applicants who have completed university degree course of minimum 3 years are eligible for Blue card. Their qualification should match the job profile and salary specified in the work contract must be 1.5 times higher than the average yearly income of the full time employees in Austria. The figures are published regularly by the Statistik Austria.

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