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The Austrian Statistics Center reported on Wednesday that on January 1, 2013, there were 8,451,860 people living in Austria. This account to 0.52 percent or 43,739 more people than at the beginning of 2012. This increase is claimed to be due to more immigration. In January, around 11.9 percent of people living in Austria were foreigners. Population growth continued after January 1, the center stated. On April 1, there were around 12,694 people living in Austria, bringing the total up to 8.465 million. In 2012, all major provinces had population increase. Vienna had the biggest increase - at the start of 2013, there were 1,741,246 people living there which is 24,162 or 1.41 percent more than the previous year. The biggest population losses were recorded in the inner alpine and peripheral regions. Districts in Styria province such as Muerzzuschlag (around 100 kilometres southwest of Vienna), Leoben (164 kilometres from Vienna in the same direction), or Zwettl in Lower Austria province (120 kilometres northwest of Vienna) all saw clear decreases. The average age of Austrian citizens or people living in Austria also continued to rise. In 2013, it was 42 years, which was 0.1 percent more than the year before, and over two years more than ten years ago. Austria has been a choice of highly skilled migrants who wish to work and settle in Austria. Red White Red Card scheme of Austria allows skilled professionals to come to Austria and work in skilled domains. The spouse is also allowed to migrate to Austria under Red White Red Card Plus scheme. For more information refer http://www.settleinaustria.com/.

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