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Austria Immigration – Red White Red Card for Skilled Workers

Austria-Immigration-RWR-Card-for-Skilled-ProfessionalsThe Austria the highly mountainous region in Austria welcomes skilled professionals from different parts of the world to work and Settle in Austria. The central European country introduced flexible immigration procedures to help skilled professionals settle in its mainland. The Austria Red White card is exclusively for the skilled professionals who can establish themselves economically in Austria.

The Austria RWR card was introduced in the year 2011, to meet the growing needs of the highly skilled professionals in its industries.

Austria --- Red-White-Red Card

The RWR is issued for 12 months and gives unrestricted rights to work and the prospective migrant worker must work at the specified employer.

The highly qualified professionals, the skilled professionals in the shortage industries, the workers in the key industries, the professionals with Austrian higher education, and the self-employed professionals are qualified people to work in the Austrian industry.

The applicant must have a valid job offer from the Austrian employer; the salary cap varies for singles, couples, couples with children. The applicant must have health insurance and must acquire requisite skills to apply for the RWR visa program.

The Red White Red Card Visa Program of Austria is a point based system; whoever secures points will be given preference. Education, work experience, specialized skills will have weight age in the point based system.

The point based system of immigration is streamlined applicant can strengthen his areas of specialization before applying for the visa program. The experts advice for the point based immigration is necessary, the comprehensive visa application procedures for Austria can be applied through the firms who can help you throughout the visa procedure.

Immigration is imperative to any land that believe is in progress and accepts different cultures who can migrate to the country.

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