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Opulentus - Austria Family Reunion VisaThe Austria government allows anyone to have a stay up to 180 days on the basis of tourist visa. If anyone wishes to stay in Austria for a period which is longer than 6 months one must apply for a residence permit and certainly not for an entry permit (visa). The stay in Austria exceeding six months requires family reunion visa which is granted by authorities of Austria. The citizens from  third world country which includes people from various countries such as India are allowed to sponsor their respective families who propose to live in Austria for more than six months  are entitled to have a residence title matching to their purpose of residence. Family members and Visa allotted to them The Austrian immigration service can allow anyone to have Austria Family reunion Visa and it includes family members such as spouses and children who are minor. The visa cards which are provided to them are Red-white-red card plus and allows them to enjoy privilege of any other Austrian citizen. If there are other family members such as family members of dependable Austrian nationals, than they should also get the residence title which is known as “Settlement Permit - Dependant”. Requirements for Austria Family Reunion Visa The foreign national belonging to third world nation must have been fulfilling few of the requirements without any fail. This includes a bank statement stating that the applicant is able to survive in Austria and has a regular cash flow. The regular income of the applicant ensures that the applicant will be able to sustain in the foreign land without fail. The health fitness certificate and passport should also be with the applicant, all the time. In order to obtain an Austria Family Reunion Visa, one must have a proof to show that they are staying at a local address and must stay there effectively. Other formalities  All the local requests should first go to locals and should also have sent the application to the local provincial. The authority to stay in Austria is judged on the basis of the citizen of  third-world country national concerned. Any locals who files any kinds if complaints against decisions by the competent first instance authorities should  be settled in the administrative court of Austria. The applicants are generally granted one of these visas “family member” visa and settlement permit visa. Red-white-red is the most common form of visa allotted to family members of the Austrian family.

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