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Austria Family Reunification Visa - Know Types of Resident Permit Visas

Austria-Family-reunification-visaAustria Family Reunification Visa - With flourishing and thriving economy, quality lifestyle, high standard of living, eye-catchy landscapes, Austria has topped the chart as one of the best immigration destination for those individuals who wish to kick-start their new life in overseas. This world-class immigration destination has much to offer for many overseas skilled professionals with right talent and skills. The visa option that you to migrate to Austria mainly depends on your stay duration and purpose of visit.

Settle in Austria

Just like other work and study permits, a prospective applicant planning to reside in Austria has to obtain the desired residency permit prior to their entry into the province. This can be done either at the respective embassy or consulate of your native country.

Types of Residence Permit

  • Visa for short-term as well as the long-term visits
  • Special permit for working and studying but not for residing permanently
  • Resident permit, that paves way for Austria permanent residency

Family Reunification to Austria

Third-country individuals family members who neither belong to EEA regions nor Swiss, but aspires to live or settle in Austria for a duration of six months or more are eligible to obtain valid permission corresponding to their residence purpose. Remember, an overseas applicant who resides in the province for a period of six months are more are offered with any of the residence titles. If required, they can apply for their desired extended stay visa.

Who is a Family Member?

  • Family members who come under this special Settlement and Residence Act are
  • spouses
  • Common -law or registered partners
  • unmarried minors including step and adoptive children
  • But, age of Spouses and common-law or registered partners must be 21 years or older while lodging the application

Which Residence Title Will Be Given to the Family Members?

Eligible family members of holders of “EU Blue Card" or “Red-White-Red Card plus“ or third-country individuals holding long-term residence title of Austria are permitted to attain the residence title of“Red-White-Red Card plus“, provided only if they meet the basic granting prerequisites of the province.

An added advantage of “Red-White-Red Card plus” grants is that the prospective applicant is given a free access to the nation’s labour market. As per the Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nationals, no additional permissions are essential for any of the employee activities.

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