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Austria Family Reunification on Austria Red-White-Red Card

Austria Family Reunification on Austria Red-White-Red CardAre you planning to accompany your family members in Austria? Well, then you can apply for a Red-White-Red Card plus, which acts as an Austria dependent visas. Austria is an affluent nation across the world that offers excellent career opportunities for the overseas nationals to migrate and work in Austria in order to maintain the country’s economic growth. Thus, a number of people from all over the world migrate to Austria leaving their dependent family members in the other nations. The government of Austria values the family relations and thus introduced a dependent visa to allow main applicant family members to migrate to Austria.

Austria Family Reunification:

The family members of third-country nationals who plan to reside in Austria over six months need a resident permit related to their residence purpose. Family members need not require a permit to stay up to six months. Instead, an Austria dependent visa must be applied if necessary. The family member of main applicant will be granted with Red-White-Red Card plus, which allows them to stay in Austria over six months.

Austria Red-White-Red Card plus eligibility:

The following are the eligible candidates for family reunification in Austria.

  • Spouses or partners
  • Registered partners and
  • Unmarried minors including step and adoptive children

Registered partners and spouses age should not be less than 21 years while lodging the visa application.

In order to obtain Austria Red-White-Red Card plus, the individual must be a family member of Red-White-Red Card or EU Blue Card holder or a family member of third-country nationals with a long-term residence permit in Austria.

Titles for family members in Austria:

  • Family members of Austrian citizens should get the residence title as Family Member, if they meet the general granting requirements.
  • Other dependants of Austrian citizens should the residence title Settlement Permit - Dependant, if they met the general granting requirements are as well as the sponsor to whom the third-country nationals refers in his or her application has granted a responsibility declaration.
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