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There are a number of reasons why people like to migrate and work in Austria. These reasons include ample employment opportunities along with a stable economy. Besides, the country offers social benefits along with good salaries. It offers good quality of life along with better career prospects.

Austria has a beautiful landscape. Besides, it offers a good quality of life. The salaries offered are in a high range. Besides, they have ample potential for providing job opportunities to qualified professionals to come and work in Austria. The country welcomes such trained people to their country. It is an affluent country not only in Europe but around the world. Besides, it is a safe and peaceful country to live and work in. This is why people are looking for an opportunity to come to Austria and work there.

Requirements of Austria EU Blue Card            

The applicants must have completed a study course of at least 3 years. Besides, they must be able to furnish a proof of job offer for the duration of one year minimum. This must correspond with the qualification and education of the applicant. They must be able to earn a salary which matches the prescribed minimum wage in the job that they have been offered. The Austria EU Blue Card can be granted for 24 months. After this, it is possible to apply for the “Red-White-Red Card plus".

There are certain documents to be submitted as requirements of Austria EU Blue Card. These include a valid travel document such as the passport, in addition to a birth certificate or some other similar document that is recognized by Austria. Next, a recent photo of the applicant and a marriage certificate (if applicable) will also be required. As per specific needs, the divorce certificate, a certificate of registered partnership or a certificate of dissolution of the registered partnership, will also be required. If needed, then the adoption papers as well as document of evidence or certificate of the family relationship and death certificate too have to be submitted. Applicant has to provide evidence of health insurance, and an evidence of completion of a course at a university, having a minimum duration of three years, or a certificate of graduation along with the proof of status of the university. The employer’s declaration must be pursuant to the Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nationals (AuslBG).

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