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Austria EU Blue Card for International Professionals

EU-Blue-Card-to-AustriaAustria is the diverse country with the mixture of different cultures and societies from different corners of the world. This country is part of the European Union and welcomes some migrants through the systematic immigration procedures. Seasonal skilled migrants come to European countries to meet the labor market needs. But, the demand for skilled migrants for Austrian manufacturing and IT sector is very high. To meet local market demand, Austria introduced Red White Red Card, and it is part of the European Union Blue Card.

EU Blue Card to Austria comes with the broad range of benefits. You can opt for any country after staying in Austria for 18 months. This card has been an active tool to the European Union Countries to bring the proficiently skilled force into the countries.

To Qualify for Austria EU blue Card, You Have to Meet the Following Basic Requirements.

  • Prospective applicants must have completed their education in recognized universities.
  • The course duration must be minimum three years in the specialized area.
  • Applicant must have a valid job offer from Austrian employer. The education must relate to his employment offer.
  • The annual salary of through the employment must be 58, 434 Euros.
  • EU Blue card is not a point based system.

You must submit the application to the competent authority in your country. This visa is issued for 24 months. Anyhow, visa processing is comprehensive; applicants must take the help of consulting firms to apply for the visa. Your authentic experience, proper documentation, and attention to the official sources will fetch you the visa home.

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