Migrate to Austria on Austria EU Blue Card

Austria EU Blue Card for Indians Austria is an affluent nation across the world with a steady economy and high standard of living. The country offers excellent career opportunities for the overseas skilled individuals to migrate to Austria and work over there in order to contribute to the country’s economy. The Government of Austria has introduced an immigration card named as Austria EU Blue Card for the overseas nationals benefit.

Austria EU Blue Card:

EU Blue Card for Austria enables highly educated overseas skilled professionals to come to Austria and explore the available opportunities present in the nation. Austria EU Blue Card is granted in the shape of bank card, which is a blend of work permit and residence permit. Austria EU Blue Card for Indians or other nationals, permit the visa holder to settle temporarily in the nation and take up employment with a particular employer. The validity period of Austria EU Blue Card is 2 years.

Eligibility for Austria EU Blue Card:

Overseas individuals need to meet the following Austria EU Blue Card Requirements in order to apply for Austria EU Blue Card.

  • Must hold a Masters degree
  • At least 5 years of work experience
  • Must have employment offer with 150% of annual gross salary for full-time employee
  • Must not be registered with the Austrian Public Employment Service
  • Compulsory labor market test for visa applicants

Austria Blue Card Advantages

The following are the some of the Austria Blue Card Advantages:

  • Austria EU Blue Card holders can become eligible to apply for Austria RWR card after the completion of 21 months of job in Austria during the 24 months residence.
  • Instant family unification
  • Unlimited labor market access to applicants and their family members
  • Austria Blue Card paves way to Austrian PR
  • After the first 2 years of reside in Austria on Austria EU Blue card, applicants can travel to any nation under the Blue Card contract

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