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Austria is largely mountainous land locked nation belonging to south central Europe.

As per the Austria Red White Red Card, the interested individuals from non EU  nations can immediately ascertain if and under which conditions which they are eligible for immigration based on the objective criteria.  We find the points system are based on the following criteria.

  • Austria-Red-White-Red-Card1Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Age
  • Qualifications
  • Completion of studies in Austria

This particular card is issued for six months and it allows taking up employment with the employer. After 1 yr, the red white red card plus, it can be applied for, this card permits the holder unlimited access to the labour market.

Individuals who are interested to Migrate to Austria with this card they do not need to prove that German language skills before entering the nation. However, points can be received for knowledge of  English or German language.

Family members of the workers who Immigrate by using this particular card are not subject to the requirement of quota and they  receive a red white red card, with instant free access to the labour market.

For highly qualified immigrants

  • The individuals do not need proof of job offer prior to Austria immigration
  • When the individuals reach the minimum number of points, they would receive a 6 month visa in order to find a job in Austria (job seeker visa).
  • If they find a job which matches their qualification in these 6 months, then they would be issued red white red card without further labour market tests

Apart from the general criteria of professional experience, age and language skills, the point system for highly qualified workers does take into account special qualification and skills which are in higher demand in the Austrian labour market.

The job seeker visa can also be applied at the relevant Austrian embassy or consulate.

If you are interested to know more about Austria immigration, Contact visa consultants in your location and they would provide more details.

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